The making of a floral arrangement

In the past months I have been travelling and working in different cities. It has been an exciting start of new projects that will continue after a short break for some days of vacation.  I did not have much time for blogging, but part of the work involved shooting many photos and I am still working on organizing the archive and albums.  I will be posting about some of the projects in the next days.

The weeks I spent working in some project in an arts center near Antwerpen (Belgium), gave the opportunity to also experiment with new ideas about foraged flora and the new floral movement using wildflowers, locally and sustainably harvested. I had the chance to create some floral arrangements to be used in various vernissages, and I admit, I had great time!

Here are some of the arrangements in a spectacular scenery, a former butterflies house that is a perfect  luxurious but very neglected background that I loved photograph.
Next post will be about the making off and close ups of materials.

I hope you enjoy it!


London walks, Camley Street Natural Park

 A visit a to a fantastic piece of nature inside a city,
a wildlife reserve, The Camley Street Natural Park, in the surroundings
 of King's Cross green areas and besides Regent's Canal.

Just in the middle of one of the busiest developing parts of London houses a 
two acre nature reserve that was once a "coal drop" and after being left misused,
 nature played its part in overtaking the space. 

One of the points of interest is the Floating Forest Garden, a fantastic forest
 create on a barge by the Regent's Canal, a perfect example of men working 
along with nature. 

London walks, Camden area, hidden gardens and nature spaces

This post is from London and is part of a activity I documented, a series of walks 
to some hidden green areas in the city: parks, community gardens, nature reserves,
that are providing the city with nature spaces for wildlife and leisure time.

It is late May, spring was blooming and shows some details of the first walk.
The area is Camden/King's Cross-St. Pancras, a vibrant and full of regenerating 
energy area in North London, that in late years has been designated to house 
new urban and creative models for the development of the metropolis.

The walk started at Camden St., just the first stop to experience a glimpse of 
what was going to be the rest of walks in subsequent days.  Here are few images, 
with details of nature overtaking some fa├žades, buildings and even the streets, 
some times in very original ways!

This walk ended at the first proper garden to visit, St. Pancras Old Church Garden 
where you can visit The Soane Mausoleum, designed by Sir John Soane RA (1753-1837), 
architect of vary famous historic buildings.  He designed this site honoring the memory
 of his wife dead in 1815, and where he is also buried.

White Floral

An arrangement of foraged flora with Cardamine pratensis and Fumaria officinalis, a great match for a delicate bouquet, and they last perfectly more than a week.

Son Baulo, a country retreat in Majorca

I spent few days in Majorca last month, 
but I only carried my ipad with me this time, as it was a business trip.  

I had time to visited again Son Baulo in Lloret,
a place that is a tearoom in the afternoons 
and restaurant and events venue at night.
My first visit was two years ago, I was happy to confirm that 
it stays as natural and country-scenic as I remembered.

Potpourri of foraged flora

An added benefit of foraging flora is that you can make homemade potpourri. 
I use it not only for decoration, but also for adding color and scent to bath salts. 
These are from cherry blossoms, 
almond tree blossoms, 
and many spring blooms included
horse chestnut blossoms.

Botanical details in Casa Decor 2016

Couple of weeks ago was the closing of a decoration event in Madrid, Casa Decor, an annual show that takes a building and converts it into a huge showroom.  I did a shoot for a reportage and while working on the images I could recognize some trends in the use of botanical arrangements for interiors.  These are some images of botanical details that were my favorites.

A intense botanical statement at the entrance of a lobby.

This are was called Music Room and it was decorated in gold and
the arrangement in red was a good contrast.

Marble and pink make a good combination in a minimalist interior.

An of course, herbs in the kitchen, but in transparent pots.

I love these three vases as a set.

Another kitchen with a veggie garden inside!

A reasonable size tree in a living room gives a splash of a forest.

Flowers arrangements on tables are indispensable.

Always peonies!

The courtyard of the building was a center area conceived as a walled garden,
 where tall trees dominated the landscape

A definite piece was the art installation made of flowers hanging from 
ceiling to floor in the open staircase of the building, was a strong statement.