The layout of a contemporary garden in Manacor, Majorca.

A geometric layout for a contemporary garden in Manacor, Majorca by designer Andi Lechter.
The chosing of the parterres, trees and all range of plants have been inspired by sustainability
concepts on water management, temperatures and hours of insolation, native plants best adapted 
to land properties and seasonal conditions. It is a work-in-progress to evaluate the design and to 
find flexibility enough for improvement or changes in its shape. The project is intended to reach
maturity after few years of growing aftera careful management, and that is another of the 
conditions of sustainability, a long lasting interest and beauty.

Happy Holidays, Glaedelig Jul, Feliz Navidad!!!

One of the Danish traditions for Xmas Season or Juletide is that you light the  Kalenderlys, Advent candle, every day from the 1st December until the 24th or Christmas Eve, as a countdown to Xmas celebrations.
May the light bring peace to the world.
I wish you Happy Holidays, Glaedelig Jul, Feliz Navidad!!!

Friland. Nature, architecture, creativity, a community in Denmark

Friland, is a community in Jutland, Denmark, where creativity is shown in every corner.
Friland Association was founded in 2002 with a small population that has expanded
 to 40 households with adults and children.  they define as "a town where people
 experiment with changing their lives differently, focusing on sustainable living,
debt and self-employment".

The community's main interests are: Sustainable construction, experimental methods
 in building and use of materials. Developing their own regulations. Debt-free values
 to avoid speculation and aim of financial freedom. Goals of zero waste, use of
renewable energies, recycling and reuse of resources.  Developing businesses to create
a living town. Diversity in all aspects of community building, culture sharing and care
for the land, owned by a fund managed by members of the association.

The guided tour I was invited to showed us the sections of the village, with creative
 architecture and gardens. Each one using different building techniques, developing
 sustainable applied design.  The same approach is used to gardens and potagers.
 In recent years, Restaurant Moment has designed and develop an organic vegetable
 garden and greenhouse, that provides with all ingredients for its menu, and is already
 serving to other businesses in the area.

Here is the reportage with some of the homes and gardens in Friland.


The making of a floral arrangement, the making off

This is the second part of The making of a floral arrangement.

This is the making off of gathering material, all foraged in the landscape surrounding the arts center which means they are really local flora.  I just pick them because of the color and shape and having in mind I wanted subtle but powerful statements in each of the creations.  I dedicated time to work with them, and was happy with the pieces and the final results.
I hope you enjoy it!